A Labor of Love Dog Grooming Salon 

  "A Clean Pet is a Healthy and Happy Pet."

About Us

 A Labor of Love Dog Grooming Salon was established in 2004.  We are focused on providing dog grooming services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction while providing the lowest levels of stress for your furry friend. 

We welcome anxious and older dogs, our family type of operation allows for the kind of calm environment that they appreciate and respond accordingly to.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a pest-free environment.  We do not offer chemical dips or accept pets with heavy flea/tick infestations,  please consult your vet.   We do offer non-chemical flea baths.

We only use natural mild shampoos taking into consideration our client's skin issues.

 Please feel free to give us as many instructions as you deem necessary concerning your pet's needs when you visit.  We appreciate your input and feedback and thoroughly understand this is the best way to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and tend to your pet's needs while in our care and away from home.